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Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Pty Ltd

Former Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited Divisional Manager,

Mr. Robert Gooch


DAS has worked closely with Toyota for the last 24 years, initially in relation to print manufacture (through shareholding and operational involvement in the KJR Print Group and later Kalamazoo Pty Ltd) and in the last 10 years as print production and administration facility managers on site within Toyota’s Sydney and Melbourne facilities.


In 1999 Toyota decided that their in-house mail and print facility at their Sydney sales & marketing headquarters was not a core activity and that they wanted to outsource it to an expert. But Toyota didn’t want to simply replace the exisiting facility, they also wanted to modernise it and provide a broader service. A standard outsource package was not going to achieve those aims. So they turned to DAS Management’s managing director, Gary Rose for a solution.


DAS completed a review of Toyota’s print facility which has led to the transformation from a black and white copy shop to a fully serviced commercial digital print and fulfilment facility.


“Staff needed to be ready to accept change and realise that the full suite of print production services were available in-house rather than turning to the myriad of external agencies, as they had done for many years” says Robert Gooch, Divisional Manager, Toyota Business Support Services Division. “DAS’ focus on customer service is second to none.” says Robert. ”There has been a definite increase in quality, but the real difference between DAS and outsourcing to somebody else is the people. They are a fantastic bunch, customer focused, pedantic and with a can-do attitude. Nothing is too difficult for them”.


Toyota also appreciated the difference that DAS has made to their expenses particularly in the area of streamlining of accounts with one focused supplier offering consolidated invoicing.


Since 2004 the DAS Toyota mailroom facility has also expanded into Melbourne, where the mailroom is housed in a purpose built area in Toyota’s iconic new corporate headquarters. As the landmark building was constructed, DAS consulted on facilities and equipment to create the optimum mailroom service. Needless to say, staff scepticism has been completely overcome.


In the first twelve months of operation DAS saved almost three times as much as they cost. As a result, Toyota sees a bright future for the partnership.


“Bigger and better,” says Robert Gooch. “I cannot speak highly enough of them.”


The services that DAS have established and manage at Toyota include:

  • On-site digital print facility

  • External print procurement

  • Stock control for daily and special promotional products

  • Graphic design

  • e-Document technology

  • Flash animated presentations

  • Mail/courier distribution services

  • Database mail services

  • Assembly packaging and fulfilment

  • Management of meeting room equipment – audio/visual including video conferencing network

  • Management of multi-function office equipment and supplies

  • Equipment purchase, ranging from single items of stationery to million-dollar print facilities.

  • Mobile phone fleet management

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