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DAS has a print and facility management model second to none. Whilst they provide a wide range of managed services, print is a core skill set provided to their clients.

Océ, as one of the key players in the commercial end of the digital market, was invited into the equipment review process. The equipment proposed was the Océ VarioPrint 2110, which was technologically superior to the competitive equipment it was replacing.


The Océ VP2110 provides the bulk of the customer’s black and white requirements nationally. Short run office documents are handled within each state office with smaller multifunction devices operating from centralised “utility rooms” managed by DAS. The ultimate key is the co-existence of digital and offset production skills in house.


DAS were approached by Océ and invited to join their partner programme. We immediately liked their non-confrontational approach to business. I think we share a lot of things in common as regards providing a service to the client.


As a result of our partnership with DAS we are now in discussions with other large organisations on the same partnership basis, with Océ supplying the equipment and technical backup and DAS providing the management on-site presence. It’s a strong mutually beneficial arrangement that we really enjoy.

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