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Managing a mailroom can be time-consuming and expensive. Yet it is a critical part of your organization, responsible for virtually all your customer-facing communications.


At DAS Management, we are Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Specialists who can take care of your mailroom while you take care of your business. In fact, with our expertise and enthusiasm, you will find that you are not simply contracting out your mailroom function, you are improving on it.


Solutions-focused, innovative and committed, we offer flexible tailored mailroom outsource solutions for companies large and small. These range from a complete on-site mailroom and print facility, equipped and managed by us, to standalone off-site services, such as design, print and fulfilment.


Why Outsource to DAS


With DAS managing your mailroom, you will:

  • Be free to concentrate on your core business not running the office

  • Share our expertise in distribution, print and production

  • Have access to our network of resources and suppliers

  • Offer your customers consistently high standards and quality

  • Benefit from the latest technology and procedures

  • Enjoy lower, more predictable costs.


DAS management is based in Sydney, in bright modern headquarters with our own warehouse, print and distribution facilities.


Our teams’ extensive experience in printing and related industries means we understand the needs of the Australian market.


With DAS you are entering into a partnership with a mutual goal: to provide your customer with a premium service.


Our first step is to learn more about you and your business in order to determine your objectives, and decide how to achieve them. Only then will we create a dedicated on-site DAS team to set up and manage your facility, including:

  • Establishing mail and courier procedures

  • Creating your optimum mailroom staff team

  • Operating reception and help desks

  • Sourcing and installing equipment and software

  • Managing conference rooms and audio/visual equipment

  • Setting up and maintaining databases and fulfilment processes

  • Creating an on-site digital print facility

  • Coordinating graphic design and external print services

  • Controlling stock for regular and special distribution


Talk to us about what you need – with a pro-active, responsive approach we will help you achieve it. And, whichever services you choose to take advantage of, you will always enjoy the latest equipment, software and procedures.

Mailroom & Distribution Outsourcing Solutions

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